FAQs - Frequently asked questions

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I created the NeuroCode Breakthrough System with a high powered individual successful in mind who’s looking for a fast track system to get real results. Results which last. Based on my +30 years of experience in the areas of psychology and business coaching, we start with an in-depth analysis of your situation. You benefit from my long term clinical experience as well as from my results-driven coaching style. The analysis we do at the beginning is what most clients described as eye-opening and without comparison – I promise you this: You have never looked at your life this way before. The NCBS is based on the well-researched neuroplasticity of the brain and addresses issues a client has on the exact level where they can be changed, whereas many approaches focus on a talking cure only. It’s a unique blend of the best researched trauma-healing techniques, e.g. EMDR, the most recent findings of energy medicine, quantum mechanics tools, existential psychology, the science of habit building, the latest in neuroscience (how your subconscious blocks you and how to unblock it), mindset tools, self-help tools for clients to use for the rest of their lives and a proven formula for growing your business in record time.

The NCBS is 100% psychology, designed to target everything that blocks you from getting the results you’re longing for on exactly the level where that blocking information is stored in your system; it also identifies the “missing information” you need to have in order to lead your dream life. It erases blocking information on the emotional, cognitive, somatic, systemic, informational, habitual, spiritual and business level and adds information you need on all these different levels.

No. No matter what kind of tool or technique of the NeuroCode Breakthrough System  is applied, you stay fully conscious and in control.

With the overwhelming scientific proof of how much influence the subconscious has on our results, it is barely understandable how many coachings and therapies still rely on talking alone. Talking reaches your conscious mind, but not your subconscious. A talking cure is totally neglecting the “power switches” in our brain. Other reasons might be:

  • bad relationship with the coach/therapist
  • coach wasn’t familiar with VIP clients
  • not a tailored-fit approach – only standard procedure
  • Problems are addressed on the wrong level; e.g. “talking sense” into someone while the problematic information is stored in the emotional center of the brain which is not accessible to the client.
  • No system at all, or a using an outdated one
  • Applying the right interventions in the wrong order; e.g. doing mindset stuff first before clearing your emotional topics 
  • Working with one technique only; “if you only have a hammer, every problem becomes a nail”

Amongst others, I use a high-tech- tool called EMDR (Eye-Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) where the client is asked to make fast  eye-movements in order to dissolve old stressful memories and also negative belief patterns and replace them with strong positive ones. It is not to be confused with hypnotherapy. With EMDR, you stay completely awake/present.

EMDR has been applied for more than 30 years. I have over 24 years of clinical experience in using this tool. I’ve seen breathtaking results, mostly  in one session only. EMDR is the best researched  trauma healing method in the world and is the No.1 when it comes to lasting results. With medical imaging you can literally see how during and after an EMDR session the amygdala region – the area of your brain where your feelings are stored – changes. Less arousal in that area means: what was perceived as traumatic no longer is.  EMDR is the only method with empirical proof of neurobiological changes happening in the brain. Furthermore, I did my one research on its working mechanisms, earning me my Ph.D.